Conciliation & Arbitration

Conciliation & Arbitration

A need was felt to provide Services of Conciliation/Mediation to resolve Payment Default Disputes between Member Manufacturers and Retailers/Dealers/Agents/Distributors. This Service was started in 2011. As the number of complaints increased, to facilitate these services and ensure ease of approach a separate Office with dedicated staff was started in July 2015.

This service is in the nature of Conciliation or Mediation by which effort is made by the Association to try and talk to the Disputing Parties and amicably settle the issue. For this written as well as telephonic communications is done and if unresolved a joint meeting of the Disputing Parties is held at Association Office, so as to settle the dispute.

To support our members in Cheque Dishonour cases, CMAI has a tie-up with a highly respected lawyers of Bombay High Court, whereby our members can avail of his services at specially discounted rates. CMAI has also appointed an in-house lawyer who consults the members on legal matters in dispute complaints registered with CMAI.

Complaints received from Members are digitalized and the complete list of complaints is now available on the CMAI Mobile App on real time basis to aid the members take an informed decision while doing business with new retailers. The Conciliation & Arbitration Sub-Committee also periodically circulates messages on WhatsApp from dedicated WhatsApp number to caution the Members of potential risks.

A Caution List is periodically prepared and circulated on the CMAI Mobile App. The updated Caution List is also displayed at the Fair Grounds during the National Garment Fairs. The Conciliation & Arbitration Sub-Committee has so far helped Members recover their outstanding dues of more than Rs 13 Crores since 2015

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