Cir No. 47 / L-1 / 2024  

Cir No. 47 / L-1 / 2024 28th February 2024


Dear Sir,

This is to inform all Members in Mumbai and Maharashtra that the Minimum Wages Payable to the Workmen in the Readymade Garment Industry in Maharashtra, for the period 01-01-2024 to 30-06-2024 are as under :-

ZoneSkilledSemi SkilledUn-skilled

In  addition  to  the  above, Special  Allowance  Payable for  the Period 01-01-2024 to 30-06-2024 is Rs. 7279=00 00 and is payable for all Classes and Zones.

We also give below Zone wise break up in Mumbai & Maharashtra .

Zones in Maharashtra as classified by the Labour Deptt., Govt of Maharashtra

Zone I – Comprise of the area falling within the limits of all ‘A’ and ‘B’ class Municipal Corporations

Zone II – Comprise of the areas falling within the limits of all ‘C’ and ‘D’ class Municipal Corporation and ‘A’ class of Municipal Councils and Cantonment areas

Zone III – Comprise of all other areas in the state, which are not included in Zone I and Zone II.

We are enclosing herewith the List of Municipal Corporation falling under Class  A, B,C & D. 

This is for your kind information.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

P. Chandrasekharan
Senior Director & Secretary

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