Cir No. 08 / C-2 / 20

Cir No. 08 / C-2 / 20 29thApril 2020


Dear Sir,

You will be happy to note that CMAI is contributing its mite to mitigate the unprecedented hardships caused to the weakest sections of our Industry by the current crisis. Whilst pain is being felt by almost everyone and at all levels, we believe that the worst affected are our Workers, especially those employed by the small job-workers.

CMAI has set aside a Fund of Rs.31.00 Lakhs, essentially to provide Protective Gear to our Corona Warriors and Food to our Workers. We have already provided Rations to last for a Month to about 700 Workers, and have identified another 5000 or so, who would need our assistance.

We will be constantly reviewing the progress, including monitoring the beneficiaries, etc. to ensure that the effort is directed towards the most deserving.

However, the affected numbers could be much larger, and some of our Members have suggested that they would also like to Contribute towards this exercise.

We are aware that these are very difficult times, and yet many of us are already doing our bit to help in whichever way we can. However, if any of our Members would like to Contribute towards the CMAI effort, we will be happy to add to the Number of Workers we are trying to assist, and shall greatly appreciate your Contribution.

Needless to say, these Contributions can be fully deductible under your CSR Activity.

Your Valuable Contribution towards this cause can be sent to the following Bank Account of the Association through RTGS/NEFT.

HDFC Bank Ltd.
B D Road Branch, Mumbai 400 026
A/c No 00051450000092

We look forward to receiving your positive response towards this cause.

Thanking you,

Yours truly,

P. Chandrasekharan

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