International Member

Type of Membership

International Member

Overseas Garments & Textile Associations
| Overseas Co.

Admission Fees : US$ 50 + 18% GST
Subscription for 1 Year : US$150 + 18% GST | US$100 + 18% GST


  • One Seat amongst this Category will be reserved on the Managing Committee of the Association.
  • 5% Discount or Rs.10,000/- whichever is less on Booking of Stall & Advertising and Branding Avenues at all National Garment Fair.
  • Trade Circulars related to the Garment Industry , issued by the relevant State / Central Government.
  • One Copy of “ APPAREL’ published every month by the Association.
  • Weekly Newsletter on updated and latest information of the Industry by email.
  • Eligible to avail of Services of Conciliation & Arbitration on Payment of a Nominal Fee.
  • Access to CMAI’s Mobile App.
  • Eligible to Stand for Election and / or Propose and / or Second and / or Vote of such Election of the Association.

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